Helen loves the unexpected in both color and design. Her color sense is intuitive and she prefers not to follow rules when composing her drawings and designs.

Many of her drawings appear to be an "overall" design when seen from a distance, but when observed more closely, one sees a lot of detail and subject matter. It takes more than a casual glance to really see each piece. Children respond to the detail more than adults because they are natural storytellers.

Conversely, she enjoys simplicity. Some of her pieces are very simple in color and design and serve as relaxation from the concentration needed in the more detailed pieces. Her style is continually evolving, but humor is an important part of her creativity.

Her present method of artistic expression grows from a culmination of past experiences as a student of art and education at St. Olaf College and her further forays into art at the University of Illinois and the University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire, and her experiences as an art teacher, a retailer, a gallery owner, and an independent artist.

She has been in the Baltimore and St. Paul American Craft Council shows as well as many other shows and fairs over the years. Her art is presently represented in galleries and shops all over the Midwest and in Houston and Austin, Texas.

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